Why you need a Business Mindset Coach.

In this article, I explain what success is, and how a Business Mindset Coach can help you achieve it.

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When we speak about success, some define it as a certain income point. Others may define it as a significant purchase, or possibly a certification in a topic of choice. Perhaps a certain amount of followers and likes on social media equates to success for some?

The truth is, if you believe that these things will make you happy, you are sadly mistaken. Sure, they may bring you joy, but if you aren't happy in general, the effects of these benchmarks will be fleeting.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but happiness isn't a destination, or a benchmark. Neither is success, nor contentment. These are all feelings, and our feelings are choices. We can choose to feel happy right now (yes, even you - it is totally within your power to choose to feel happy right now!).

When the focus of attention is solely on goals, the focus is totally on results.This rigid mindset can be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

For example; If you define success as being able to generate a six figure income, and for some reason out of your control you don't achieve it, does that then make you a failure? Are you able to acknowledge that the result or lack thereof, does not define you, as a person? Or would you consider yourself a failure for not achieving a well set-out and defined goal?

Alternatively, what if you do achieve that goal - you are earning a six figure income in your business, but the pressure of maintaining that level is too much? What if you are having to work so hard that you don't have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Does earning that amount money unequivocally mean you're happy? Are you truly successful?

Goals are very important to have, however, it is important to understand why these are your goals. What do they mean to you? What are the feelings and thoughts that come with achieving or obtaining these things? Are they just items that you can tick off a list and say "well, I did it"? What significance do they hold for you?

What success should look like

Success should be about being, not so much doing:

Being happy NOW, rather than deciding to be happy when you reach a specific point.

Aiming for progress, not perfection.

Being kind and considerate, without sacrificing your boundaries or values.

Being open to learning, without fear that others may think you're not smart, or judging others.

Understanding that mistakes or errors do not define YOU as a failure.

Opting to find solutions, rather than focusing on problems.

Being successful is not just about the destination, goal or end point; it is about the journey, and what you learn and gain along the way. These are all learnings and experiences that can't be taken away from you, meaning you are not ever defined by them.

Can I just hire a Business Coach?

Sure. I highly recommend you hire a business coach. These experts have walked the walk - they know what they are talking about. They understand strategies, marketing, CRM, revenue, client attraction; the list goes on. However, the focus is on RESULTS. Again, these are external factors, a lot of which you will never have total control over. Also, factors that have the potential to leave you feeling like a failure, or as though you are not good enough. The sole focus on results has the potential to leave many entrepreneurs feeling as though they may be better off going back to employment, as they just aren't cutting it in the business world.

The WHOLE picture - how a Business MINDSET Coach completes the equation.

A business mindset coach is someone who works with entrepreneurs in order to help them focus on the internal factors; the ONLY thing that anyone ever has total control over. A business mindset coach understands the impact of fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, and can help you move past the fears. A good business mindset coach will teach you the undeniable value in self-awareness, and self respect; helping protect you from the poor mindsets of others.

A skilled business mindset coach can help you identify what holds you back from reaching your full potential, why you sabotage your own success, and why you think/feel/react the way you do. A brilliant mindset coach will foster the skills you already possess, so that you can recognise your unhelpful patterns, and alter their results, giving you more control over your internal, and consequently, external environments.

Hiring a business mindset coach can help with your mental health and wellbeing, because without those things, you won't remain in business for long.

Think of it like this:

You acquire a private jet. This acquisition is something that you have had on your bucket list for many years, because for you, owning a private jet is a sure symbol of success; you've made it in the world.

You spare no expense on this jet, either. You ensure it has the most powerful engine. The electronics are second to none on this baby. The exterior of the jet just speaks of status and power. The internal decor has been superbly designed by one of the best interior designers in the country. All in all, the machine is a beast and it is your pride and joy. You have worked so hard to get to this point, and this jet symbolises all that work; and your undeniable success.

You now need to hire someone to fly your status symbol. You meet with a pilot who looks the part; well-pressed suit, cleanly shaven and sporting a squeaky clean pilot's cap. He demonstrates proof of his extensive qualifications and multiple successes as a pilot. You can see that he has many accolades and is an expert in his field, and as such, you are more than confident to have him control your beloved jet.

Sadly, what the pilot omitted from his meeting with you, is that he suffers terrible anxiety, and a fear of flying! Not only that, his personal life is in tatters, and since his marriage failed, he just can't think straight. He has been "faking it" at work, with the hope that no one picked up on the fact his life was falling apart!

Fast forward a few weeks. You are sitting in your jet on the tarmac, awaiting clearance for the pilot to take off. You noticed upon boarding that your pilot seemed a bit off today; He had an argument with his wife regarding their children the night before, and he just can't get it from his mind. he feels like such a failure as a husband and a parent, that he is beginning to wonder if he is good at anything at all. He doesn't disclose this, of course, but just soldiers on.

The control tower signals it is safe to commence take-off. The jet starts to increase its speed along the runway.

The pilot's mind is so preoccupied with trying to deal with his personal life, he missed hearing the control tower urging him to reduce speed as there was still another aircraft on the runway! When he realises that there is another jet careering towards his, it's too late! The wing on your beautiful, expensive jet clips the wing of the other aircraft, causing it to smash into pieces! Thankfully, no one was hurt; except your private jet and your insurance excess! This is going to be costly to fix!

This is an extreme analogy, I know, but this is the thing;

The private jet is your BUSINESS - YOU are the pilot.

A business mindset coach will help you make sure that the person in charge of controlling the vehicle for reaching your goals (and ultimately, success), YOU, has their shit together.

How can one reach success if one's mind is not 100% I'm the game? Personal drama, business drama, finance drama...it ALL impacts your prospects of happiness, which in turn determines how successful you will be in business.

A business mindset coach can help free you from many limiting beliefs, such as; self-doubt, fear of failure or success, imposter syndrome, fixed-thinking, negative thoughts, fear of public speaking or pitching, catastrophising, self-sabotaging, biased perception, among many others.

Hiring a good business mindset coach will help more than just your business, it will help you as an individual.

If you would like more information about how a business mindset coach can help you and your business,

please get in touch and it will be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

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